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Central Air Conditioning Installation

Central Air Conditioning Installation
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We have the latest energy-efficient ductless home cooling systems which are easy-to-install, are smaller, less expensive and quieter than central AC systems. Whether you choose central or ductless AC for your home, our technicians will ensure that your new system is installed cleanly, quickly and correctly. As one of the leading providers of home services, you can count on us for all of the AC equipment and services you need to keep you cool during the hot summer months.
Your home’s central air conditioning system is a critical component when it comes to cooling your home and being comfortable. When considering a central air conditioner installation or repair there are some things you should know in order to estimate the cost of an HVAC installation project. Understanding how much a new central air conditioner costs, what to expect with the installation process, and how to hire a qualified contractor are all essential to getting the best return on your home investment.

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The Best Places for Central Air Conditioning Installation

Every home is different, but often the best places for a central air installation are basements and attics. A basement usually stays cooler than the rest of a house, even when the weather outside it hot. Attics may also be relatively cool if there are no windows or skylights, and often provide ample room to maneuver. For outdoor units, consider placing yours on the shady side of your home, away from trees and shrubs. These strategies will ensure that your central air installation supports your cooling needs and provides you with value provided you use the system. Always remember to work with a proven and trusted HVAC contractor to provide your new unit.
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Proudly Serving All Makes & Models

When we come over to your place to complete a Precision Tune-Up or repair service on your heating and cooling system, we come across very few surprises. That’s because the majority of HVAC equipment comes from one of about eight or so major manufacturers. Yet, even when we see that odd furnace or AC system, we’re not stumped. Our licensed, highly qualified NATE-certified technicians have years of demonstrated experience in servicing all brands of HVAC equipment, including the not-so-major ones.

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